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Visuals And Video


About Us

Visuals And Video

With over 15 years' experience, we know what we're doing when it comes to producing beautiful and eye-catching visuals for our clients.

We’re a Yorkshire-based business and we love to support local firms. All of our work is completed in-house and we can work with you to expand your service offerings.

While we might be UK based, we have completed many successful projects for well-known and international clients, and our experience covers a wide range of companies and sectors. We’ve worked in the fields of architecture, interior design, product design, property marketing, property development, manufacturing, event management, and hospitality. We've also worked with creative agencies, landscape designers and graphic/web designers, capturing our clients’ vision and producing the stunning visuals they can proudly share with their target markets.

We create videos and visuals in 3D, allowing you to fully see your product idea or new building design come to life.

We can create the right visuals to lend weight to your business plan and influence potential investors. Rather than relying on a flat printed image, they can see your new product idea in full colour 3D and appreciate its full potential.


A 3D visualisation is a great way to walk potential property buyers and investors around an office building or apartment design. You could also present a garden layout or your ideas for interior design to get your client to sign off on it. You could even use the visual to try out different textures, colours and finishes to see what works best in the space, and in the type of light available.

Local councils might use visualisation to show what their new plan for the town centre could look like, or to present a layout for a park design. This could then encourage residents to add comments and make suggestions.

The possibilities really are endless.

We’re a visualisation firm. That’s what we specialise in and we do it very well. Our emphasis is on listening to our clients and bringing their exact vision to life as closely as we can. Whatever the project - whether it is large or small - we focus on delivering a high-quality end result. Should you need it, we’ll happily offer support and advice.

If you’d like to look at our portfolio, please browse our website to look at some of our previous projects, or why not give us a call on 01302 802050, and chat to our friendly team to see how we can work together to bring your project to life in stunning 3D?


Our Promises

Our Promises



To work however you Need us to.

We will have a little or as large of a presence as you require. We will tailor our services to work side by side with your team or under your brand when discretion is required.


To work hard for you.

We will  provide you with the very best resources, our time and our skill sets. We will consistently deliver the highest levels of dedication and service, combining our technical skill and design expertise to give your business the edge over your competitors.


 To give you good counsel.

We will guide you through the CG process. We will talk with you about your needs and ideas and help you decide which direction is best for each project.


To help you grow.

We will be an extension of your business. We will allow you to offer a greater range of services without the need for recruitment. We will be your overflow, allowing you to provide more of your existing services to clients.


To be there for you.

We will always accommodate you. We will be there whether your need is part time, full time, sometimes or just one time.

PROMISE 6:    

To be economical.

We will be worth your while. We will work at sensible, affordable rates which not only reflect the standard and scale of work, but will be easily accommodated into your budget. We will be more cost-effective than recruiting staff and more rewarding than dismissing opportunities.





Indicative design

Evolving projects

Fast turnaround

First stage tenders

Illustrating scheme options


Good sense of realism

Established projects

Proposals and sales presentations

Showcasing full schemes

Goldilocks zone - detail vs cost


Photography alternative

Fully designed schemes

High end marketing

VIP clients

Comprehensive design


Applications of cgi

making the most of your skill and our expertise

Applications of cgi

making the most of your skill and our expertise

Concept artwork for building design

Photo manipulation

Eye catching and engaging sales literature

Updates for existing catalogs and brochures

Sunlight studies for planning submissions

Indicative walk-through animations, to give a sense of scale and design

Photoreal images for product advertising

A means of communicating with your target audience

Lighting plans for interior design schemes

Website content with impact

Build up animations, to illustrate structure and design specifics

Full scale interior design schemes

Visually verified images for planning submissions

Demonstrative videos for new products

Product shots for brochures and sales materials

Illustrating early stage project development

Proposing design options to end users

Proof of concept for new developments

Highly detailed images to highlight design features of your products

Presentation images for meetings

Proof of concept for art installations

Large scale lighting plans for building facades

Cost effective photoshoot alternative

Concept images for product design

Artist's impressions for advertising and marketing

Showcasing your work to your future clients

Material studies during building and product design stages